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Your Local Rental - Experts In Local Property Management 


At Your Local Rental we understand that owning a rental property is a big investment. You have worked hard which is why we know how crucial it is that you find someone you trust to protect and manage your investment, whilst ensuring the highest possible return.

Unlike traditional real estate models, where property management is seen as a "nice to have" or sideline addition to sales, our entire business focus is to provide you with quality property management services, backed by local knowledge and an award winning team. 

Our team has over 50 years combined property management experience and continuously review and fine tune our processes and systems to ensure your property is managed to the highest possible standards.

At Your Local rental our entire business is built around providing you and your property with all of the support and innovative tools required to guarantee maximum rental return.




What makes us different? 

Drawing on over 50 years of expertise, the Your Local Rental team have 6 clear areas of focus which have proven time and time again to provide award winning outcomes.

  • Building up interest in your property is our first aim. To help drive immediate interest we will work alongside you and make informed suggestions on how to best market your property, utilising multiple avenues including professional photography, providing a floorplan, creation of a signboard, print media advertising and Internet options;
  • Once your marketing campaign is up and running, inspections will be conducted with a combination of open, set and private inspections. We provide a flexible and accessible approach to ensure the right tenants are viewing your property as quickly as possible;
  • We will market your property via the most reputable national property search sites including,, and and of course;
  • A window card will be prepared & shown in our front office window, providing excellent exposure in a high foot traffic locality;
  • We keep a database of potential applicants looking for properties that will be informed of your property when matched by certain criteria.

Every rental application received by Your Local Rental is managed via our 8 step approval process. Any tenant that applies to lease your property is put through a series of comprehensive checks

  • We compare their details against Australia’s most extensive tenancy default internet database, TICA;
  • 100 point ID check for all applicants;
  • Applicants must have met the property manager in person, at your property;
  • Employment details & any associated income are verified;
  • Current & past rental history are checked;
  • Personal references are contacted;
  • With a strict screening process in place combined with our experience, we are able to make recommendations for you;
  • Once all applications are presented to you, the final decision is always yours!
  • Prior to your tenant taking possession of the property, we conduct a thorough inspection of the property. This is a written report detailing the cleanliness of the property, any inventory & the condition of the property and gardens. Photos are always taken & stored for future reference;
  • Before your tenant is given access to the property, we explain in full detail what we expect from them in return;
  • Tenants are provided with a comprehensive handbook that explains all processes from start to finish. This includes our ‘zero tolerance’ rental payment policy and all expectations we have of them for the duration of the tenancy, including their legal obligations;
  • Having the right expectations from the start helps to ensure a smooth tenancy.

We expect every tenant to pay their rent on time, every time. To help achieve this we have a clear policy that ensures:

  • Early intervention if a tenant becomes overdue, we contact the tenant quickly to remedy the situation promptly. This can be done via SMS, e-mail, posted letter & a personal phone call;

  • We will serve an official notice to remedy the breach if the tenant is 8 days behind & inform you at this point;

  • Direct debit is the method that we use for rental payments which greatly reduces the likeliness of rent arrears.

To achieve the maximum return from your residential investment, each property must be presented & maintained in the best possible manner. We have developed a flexible system for maintenance to cover the requirement of owners who would like us to take care of all maintenance matters on their behalf & also those who prefer to attend to these matters themselves. 

  • Choice - you can let us know the contractors that you prefer to use;
  • Urgent Availability - We have a phone diversion from our office landline at all times outside of business hours so that an experienced & trained property manager will always be on hand to appropriately deal with any matters or emergencies that may arise. In the event that urgent attention is required & contact with you may not be immediate, repairs must ultimately be at the discretion of the property manager to protect you from potential litigation and/or to protect your property;
  • Quality - All contractors that we use for repairs & maintenance are reviewed regularly for both pricing, quality of work conducted & professional manner;
  • Compliance - We only engage professional tradespeople who are suitably qualified / licensed & adequately insured. 

It is essential that every property is inspected regularly to ensure that the property is being well maintained.

  • All inspections will be conducted by your property manager, ensuring they know the tenant/s and are familiar with your property; 
  • Our property managers are diligent in that not only will they asses the manner in which the tenants are maintaining the property & it’s general condition, but will report repairs or maintenance to you that perhaps have not been noticed by your tenant or that may be required in the foreseeable future;
  • Inspections will be conducted every 3 months with photos taken & copies of reports are supplied to both tenant & property owner.

In the unfortunate event a tenancy related matter does need to be escelated, we are here to help! 

  • If the need should arise, our staff at Elders have a thorough working knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act & extensive experience in the operation of the Tribunal. The basic function of the tribunal is to arbitrate on disputes between tenants & landlords / agents; 
  • Your property manager will represent you & act in your best interests.